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5 Fabulous Delaware County Houses for Rent

We began this week’s rental roundup thinking we would showcase the five most expensive properties for rent in Delaware County right now. Sure enough, all […]


Black-and-White Kitchens, Gray Front Doors Put Money In Your Pocket

Are you selling your home and looking to make a few more bucks? Two minor adjustments can make a huge difference! Zillow’s 2018 Paint Color […]


Baronial Estate in St. Davids for $3.1M

We know there’s a strong strain of Anglophilia that courses through the veins of this region. After all, while Ben Franklin became an ardent advocate for […]


Adding Blue to Your Walls Puts Green In Your Pocket When It’s Time to Sell

Want buyers to appreciate your home even more? Add a pop of color to your rooms and watch its value appreciate. New research conducted by […]


Zillow Launches New Site for First-Time Homebuyers

Calling all millennials (and anyone else) on the hunt for that perfect first home: Zillow just launched a new real estate brand to help you on your search. […]


Report: Down Payments Are Holding Renters Back from Purchasing Homes

We’ve previously reported that a growing number of renters plan on staying renters, even if rental prices increase (for the time being, at least). And now, a […]


Who’s Building Philly: Alon Seltzer

Before the “tiny house,” there was the Rittenhouse Square efficiency apartment. These shoeboxes for urban cliff dwellers enabled singles and others whose desire for urban […]


Got Little Ones? Living in the City Will Save You a Bundle

If you’re in a family way, and you’re looking for a place that can accommodate your new arrival, you might want to read this, for […]


Homes Get A Little Less Affordable, Both Here and Nationwide

As housing markets nationwide continue their recovery from the 2008 market collapse, it appears that affordability may be one of the things falling by the wayside. […]


Philly Home Buyers Break Even Faster Now, Report Says

Generally speaking, buying beats renting in the long run for most people seeking a place to live. And the recent runup in local house values means […]

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Mortgages are Affordable All Over Greater Philly: Study

In some United States metropolitan areas, the demand for jobs and amenities within a given city is causing the value of homes to far surpass homebuyers’ incomes. […]


More Black Than White Homeowners Still Underwater, Study Finds

Do you live in Stenton, West Oak Lane or Cobbs Creek? If you do, the odds that you’re paying off a mortgage that’s bigger than […]

Dan McQuade, in various Halloween costumes

Why Philly Is a Great Place for Trick-or-Treating

Halloween is the best holiday. Kids dress up in cute costumes and go around door-to-door telling people to give them candy or else. Then adults […]


Foreclosures Widen Wealth Gap in Philly, Zillow Study Finds

While the bursting of the housing bubble caused widespread pain, many homeowners have since recovered from the bust as house values in many U.S. metropolitan […]


Good News for Philly Starter Home Buyers

According to the latest national figures from Zillow, things are getting tougher for first-time home buyers across the country: inventories of homes for sale are […]