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Owning Is Even Cheaper Than Renting Now, Report Says

Affordable rowhomes in West Philadelphia. | Google Streetview It’s long been a truism that for comparable housing, owning is cheaper than renting if you can […]


Zillow: House Values Higher in Philly, But Still Below All-Time Highs

According to the latest Zillow Real Estate Market Report, house values set new record highs in February in 26 percent of the nation’s housing markets, […]


Zillow: Philly Is Top Buyers’ Market In the Nation

From where we sit, the Philadelphia-area real estate market is hot, especially in the city. House values are up, and inventory and days on market […]


Here Are the Best Philly Neighborhoods to Go Trick-or-Treating in 2015

Is Halloween on the verge of whithering away? We sure hope not! For one, Philadelphia is still considered by Zillow researchers to be one of the […]


The Occupations That Could Easily Make You a Philly Homeowner

It’s a question all of us were undoubtedly asked as kids and one some of us likely blanked at around the time high school neared its end: What […]


Student Debt and the Housing Market: Not As Badly Paired As You’d Think

This just in from the Department of Misconception Debunking: student loan debt in and of itself does not, we repeat, does not prevent young would-be […]


Today’s First-Time Homebuyers Are Late Bloomers Compared to Those From Decades Ago

Know any millennials still on the rent bandwagon and with little to no aspiration to buy a house any time soon? It would be surprising […]


Zillow Is the Subject of a Disgusting Lawsuit

As ValleyWag reports, a former Inside Sales Consultant for Zillow, Rachel Kremer, has brought a lawsuit against the company with the following charges: sexual harassment, civil […]


Zillow: Home Values and Rents Are Up

Zillow’s latest research shows that nationally and locally home values are up, based on an analysis of 515 metropolitan and micropolitan areas, with 35 of […]


Zillow + Trulia = Godzulia?

The cover alone has been making waves, but it’s the inside headline that really has people talking: “Zillow Shares Could Fall By Half.” When Barron’s […]


This Might Just Be the Most Expensive Rental In Philly

Now that Zillow has gobbled up Trulia in a quest for online real estate domination, let’s once again dive into this question of accuracy. For […]


Clash of the Real Estate Titans: Zillow vs. Trulia

Zillow.com and Trulia.com are the two most popular real estate websites, where the majority of consumers go when they’re trying to find a home to […]

video still from realtor.com

Real Estate Ads: Hipsters, Dogs and Pregnant Bellies

Videos are fun, and we’ll get to those in a minute. But first, a primer for those who need one: Real estate portals are consumer-friendly […]

make me move zillow

Real Estate Trend Watch: House Stalking

The housing market has rebounded enough that there’s actually a shortage of homes to buy, which is why some prospective buyers are simply sending love […]

aerial view of fancy house

Can Zillow.com Get a Kid Into Kindergarten?

According to Town and Country, telling a private school how rich you are and how much you’ll donate if your child is admitted is a no-no. But private schools would prefer parents to be wealthy, of course, so they’ll find your home on Zillow.com.