Tower Theater

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Ticket Alert: Two Last-Minute Neil Young Tower Shows

Rock legend Neil Young is no stranger to the Tower Theater in Upper Darby. He’s played it plenty. In fact, Oscar-winning director Jonathan Demme shot […]


The Return of Daniel Johnston

It’s natural to wonder and worry about Daniel Johnston. The “outsider” musician with the impish voice and emotionally engaging lyrics — championed over the years by […]

Philadelphia Wedding

A Guy Proposed on the Tower Theater Marquee and the Photos are Adorable

Marriage proposals aren’t a competition, but if they were, Center City’s Andrew Kay definitely won last week. He and Michelle Goodman, 28, had their first […]


Prince’s Death Finally Made Me Understand Celebrity Mourning

When Robin Williams took his own life on August 11th, 2014, you would have thought that it was Mother Teresa who had died. Thanks in […]

Marquees - Prince tributes

Philly Music Venues Create Marquee Memorials to Prince

Prince died today at the age of 57. The music legend played multiple times in Philadelphia, and many of the area’s large music venues paid […]


What David Bowie Meant to Philly — and What Philly Meant to David Bowie

By 1973, being a “Bowie kid” was an act of individual rebellion complete with its own thriving subcultural support group. The club of trailblazers had […]


Why David Bowie Never Listened to Tower Theater-Recorded David Live

David Bowie once released an album so bad Bowie himself never listened to it. Of course it was recorded in the area. The material for […]


PHOTOS: Ringo Starr at Tower Theater

The Beatles are such a universal music experience that many of us have odd entry points to their work. Mine was getting to learn “Yellow […]


Josh Groban on the 5 Broadway Shows He’s Dying to Be In

I chatted with the incomparable Josh Groban about his new album, Stages, which is a full compilation of songs from the musical theater cannon. He’s coming to Upper […]

Sami Zayn

NXT, the WWE’s Minor League, Is Coming to the Tower Theater

Wrestling had an incredible boom period in the late-1990s and early-2000s. Two major promotions, WWF and WCW, aired competing shows on Monday nights. Ratings swelled. […]


Cast of Bob’s Burgers Coming to Upper Darby on First East Coast Tour

Everyone’s favorite animated TV show about the Belcher Family, Bob’s Burgers, is going on tour once again, finding the cast on the East Coast for the […]


Belle and Sebastian Add Philly to 2015 Tour Lineup

Belle and Sebastian have just announced extra dates on their international tour to support their upcoming album, Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance. Lucky for us, Philadelphia’s on […]


Things to Do in Philly in December: Aretha Franklin, Justin Timberlake, Bill Nye, Frozen and More

The Sincerity Project December 4-13 FringeArts Of all of the fledgling theater companies in Philadelphia right now, the ensemble-based and movement-oriented Team Sunshine Performance Corporation […]


Our Guide to Culture-Savvy Gift-Giving in Philadelphia


11 Kid-Friendly Holiday Happenings In and Around Philly

Doing something fun for the whole family isn’t hard during the holiday season. Philadelphia and its surrounding ‘burbs have plenty of kid-friendly picks, from child-sized live […]