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South Philly Chef’s Claims of Anthony Bourdain Partnership Implode

Update: We’ve uncovered more lies in the story of Michael DePasquale. For the latest news, go here. Yesterday started out simply enough, with me interviewing […]


Judge Orders Couple to Turn Over GoFundMe Money for Homeless Man

The internet-famous couple who raised $400K for homeless veteran Johnny Bobbitt Jr. after he lent one of them a hand when her car broke down has been […]


Ex-Church Official Gets New Trial Date Two Days After Prison Release

A Philadelphia judge has assigned former church official Monsignor William Lynn a new trial date, just two days after he was released from prison. Lynn is […]


Supreme Court Reinstates Monsignor Lynn Conviction

Monsignor William Lynn may be headed back behind bars. Lynn was freed last year after an appeals court overturned his conviction on child endangerment charges […]


Kathleen Kane’s Double Standard

When Kathleen Kane was sworn in as Pennsylvania’s first attorney general last year, she was immediately hailed as shooting political star. There was talk of […]


Wanna Go Incognito? Buy a Korean Sun Visor Like Donald Sterling’s Girlfriend A colleague IM’ed me a link to this photo of Donald Sterling’s girlfriend, on her way to court wearing the world’s largest, shiniest visor. “That thing must conduct […]


WATCH: That Other Time Christie Got in Trouble

The Washington Post has obtained a video of a 1994 TV spot that got Chris Christie in a heap of trouble, back when he was […]


Fired for Being Too Pretty?

A young female, a recent high-school graduate, smiled at the big burly man in the navy blue suit. He sat behind a 3-foot-wide desk. She […]


Why I’m Disappointed In Huma Abedin

Earlier this week, the Weiner Engine That Still Thinks It Can paraded out Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner’s wife, to speak about his most recent indecencies. […]


Jim McGreevey Making Possibly Triumphant Return to Public Life

Jim McGreevey, last seen trying and failing to become an Episcopal priest and starring in a documentary made by Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, is now returning […]


Anthony Weiner Is Running for NY Mayor, but His Campaign Logo Features Pittsburgh

Forever “Disgraced” Ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner announced this week that he’s running for Mayor of New York (we’ve been waiting for him to say it for […]


Inquirer Declines to Run Massive Ad Defending Catholic Church Sex Abusers

The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights is calling them the “Twin Philly Scandals.” Scandal #1: The District Attorney’s shameful persecution of four members […]


Harvard Rallies for Gay Students

The Secret Court is legendary at Harvard University when in 1920 a tribunal of administrators joined to investigate charges of alleged homosexual activity among its […]


Film: The Lavender Scare

Even today, LGBT people can still be fired from their jobs just for being gay in many states in this country. But never was it […]