Jim McGreevey Making Possibly Triumphant Return to Public Life

Jim McGreevey, last seen trying and failing to become an Episcopal priest and starring in a documentary made by Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, is now returning to the political arena for the first time since 2004, when he resigned from the New Jersey’s Governor’s Mansion in scandal. (You’ll recall he gave his gay lover a plum job he didn’t deserve.)

The former governor will serve as executive director of the Jersey City Employment & Training Commission, which is charged with overseeing on-the-job training, linking training with job creation and identifying job opportunities for the unemployed…[He] will also create and implement a re-integration program for ex-offenders being released from state prison and county jails, according to Fulop’s office.

And who better to embark on such a redemptive project than a man who came out of the closet, resigned in scandal, did a 180 on his own life, and has been reinventing himself ever since. [Star-Ledger]