Wanna Go Incognito? Buy a Korean Sun Visor Like Donald Sterling’s Girlfriend

Bring on the face shields.


A colleague IM’ed me a link to this photo of Donald Sterling’s girlfriend, on her way to court wearing the world’s largest, shiniest visor.

“That thing must conduct electricity,” I said.

“I mean, that is amazing,” she said.

“It looks like an oil spill,” I said.

“Please do a roundup of visors we can buy to go incognito on the streets of Philadelphia,” she said.

Well, okay!

 In case you’re curious, the thing Donald Sterling’s girlfriend is wearing is known as a Korean sun visor, and it’s apparently quite a thing in East Asia. Here’s where to get one:

You can buy one on Amazon in a Darth Vader-eque black for $29. This one offers full face coverage along with a feminine pink strap. This version in pink isn’t as opaque, in case you don’t need to be completely shielded. Same goes for this  orange one.

Now, go hide from the paps in style.