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Restaurant Reviews


An Exciting Venezuelan Spot Joins the Italian Market’s Lineup

I ended up walking straight into a pole. One of those metal ones that hold up the awnings along 9th Street. Never even saw it. […]


5 Restaurant Reviews from 2022 You Might Have Missed

Plenty of new restaurants in Philly opened this year, but our critics had the most to say about these particular places. El Mezcal Cantina by […]


Blondie Finds its Groove With Glitzy American-Bistro Camp

It’s easy to write about a restaurant that works, where every element clicks together. It’s easy to write about a shitshow, too. About panic or […]


At Asad’s, Stunning Hot Chicken Is Always Worth the Wait

At Asad’s Hot Chicken, everyone waits.  There’s gonna be a line every time you go. Probably a long one, curling past the side of this […]


Burgertime NJ Makes a Compelling Case for Pure American Excess

It’s easy to miss chef Dane DeMarco’s new burger spot on Merchant Street — just a storefront on the main drag in Audubon, a half-dozen […]


Pera Brings an Easy Room and Turkish Standards to Northern Liberties

Step into Pera and you can feel your blood pressure drop. It’s the sun through the corner windows, maybe, or the high ceilings and the […]

el mezcal

El Mezcal Cantina Takes Every Advantage of Fire — and It Pays Off

Chef Eladio Soto’s El Mezcal Cantina may have opened in January of 2022, but the space has history. Those of you who know Point Breeze […]


At Mish Mish, a Breezy Mediterranean Menu and Happy Hospitality Make You Stay a While

On a warm but not too warm early evening in May, East Passyunk celebrated the fleeting Philadelphia spring at the Singing Fountain, its tiers a […]


Nigerian Street Food Meets a Fast-Casual Model at Suya Suya

When you walk into Suya Suya, the place smells like onion and paprika charring on the grill; the guy behind the counter in the black […]


True Blue Bakery’s Aussie Pies Are Well Worth the Trip to the ’Burbs

When I was done with my order at True Blue Bakery — the newish Australian pie shop on Main Street in Royersford — the woman […]

eeva review

Now in Its Fullest Form, Eeva Is the Restaurant It Was Always Destined to Be

Have you been to Eeva yet? It’s fine if you haven’t. The world and everything in it has made going out to a restaurant like […]

charlie dove

Audrey Claire Is No More. Charley Dove Might Become Its Indispensable Replacement.

For those of you who don’t follow the shifting tides of sway and power in the restaurant scene, let’s start here: Forever ago, restaurateur and […]

nunu bar review menu fishtown philadelphia

Seeing Red: Nunu Reviewed

Red, mostly. That’s what you notice first about Nunu, the new izakaya from Ben Puchowitz and Shawn Darragh. Red lights. Red neon. A fat rainstorm […]


For the Love of the Game: Andiario Reviewed

I’m so excited the day after I eat at Andiario, I tell everyone I know about it. I make phone calls. I write emails. I […]


Soul Food: L’Anima Reviewed

At the hostess stand, they’re waiting for me when I walk in. Not because I have reservations. Not because anyone recognizes me coming. Just because […]