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Escaped Zoo Peacocks That Caused Scene on I-76 Are Still on the Lam

Four peacocks with a taste for adventure caused quite a scene on I-76 on Wednesday evening when they stopped traffic after escaping from the grounds […]


The Best Thing That Happened This Week: A Tiny Tiger’s Reprieve


Philadelphia Zoo Announces Successful Emergency Gorilla Birth

After 24 painstaking hours, Kira was still in labor at the Philadelphia Zoo. Staff had noticed that the 17-pound Western lowland gorilla was in the […]


The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Coldilocks Had a Birthday

Baby gorilla at Philadelphia Zoo

It’s Official: The Zoo’s Baby Gorilla Has a Name

With overwhelming interest and participation in naming our newborn gorilla, the global community has voted to name the newborn “Amani” honoring an orphaned gorilla at […]

Baby gorilla at Philadelphia Zoo

The Philadelphia Zoo Says You Can’t Name Its New Gorilla Harambe

When the Philadelphia Zoo debuted its new baby Gorilla in late August, it enlisted the help of social media to pick her name. The people spoke. Harambe, they said. […]

Baby gorilla at Philadelphia Zoo

Philadelphia Zoo Debuts New Baby Gorilla

Aww! The Philadelphia Zoo today unveiled its new baby gorilla to the public. If you can believe it, this baby animal is pretty cute. The […]


Where All The Animals Are: Find Out With New Philly Zoo App

In addition to having a beer at the Philadelphia Zoo, visitors can now track the whereabouts of their favorite aardvark, lynx, or spider monkey. So instead […]


From the Dept. of Terrible Ideas: Alcohol at the Philadelphia Zoo

It seems that everywhere you go in Philly these days, a beer garden or other alcohol-serving “pop-up” is oh-so-conveniently nearby. You can have a drink […]


The Philadelphia Zoo Is Opening a Beer Garden

You can now drink at the zoo. The Philadelphia Zoo began selling alcohol at two stands, Tiger Terrace and Eagle’s Roost, on Memorial Day weekend. […]


After Cincinnati Gorilla Killing, Philly Zoo Vows to Review Protocol

The Philadelphia Zoo will hold a meeting to review safety procedures following the incident at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden this past weekend, Andy Baker, the zoo’s […]


WATCH: Philadelphia Zoo Unveils Baby Lemurs

Four baby black-and-white ruffed lemurs went on display this week at the Philadelphia Zoo’s PECO Primate Reserve. Together with their parents, Huey and Kiaka, the […]

Lemur babies at the Philadelphia Zoo

WATCH: Four Recently Born Lemurs at the Philadelphia Zoo

Four black and white ruffed lemurs were born at the Philadelphia Zoo last month — and now the zoo has released incredibly cute photos and […]


11 Things You Might Not Know About: The Philadelphia Zoo

Twenty years ago, Philadelphians awoke on Christmas Eve to dreadful news: A fire overnight in the World of Primates building at the Philadelphia Zoo had […]


Watch: The Country’s Oldest Polar Bear Eats Her Birthday Cake at Philly Zoo

On Wednesday, personnel and guests at the Philadelphia Zoo gathered around the polar bear exhibit to celebrate the birthday of Coldilocks. The female polar bear […]