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Ori Feibush Officially Running for City Council

Point Breeze real estate developer Ori Feibush announced in an email to supporters early this morning that he is running for Philadelphia City Council. The […]

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Ori Feibush on Universal Companies: “We Want to Give Them the Latitude They Need”

One of the complexities of the development of the Royal Theater is a legal process that compels Universal Companies, the current owner of the historic […]

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Developer of Huge Point Breeze Project Will Be Named Monday

Though the sale isn’t yet a done deal, 2012 Wharton, formerly Louis Sherman & Co. printers, is in the midst of being purchased by a […]


The Other Message From the ReNewbold Groundbreaking

If you wanted to see why rumors were circulating about John Longacre running for City Council, you should have been at the reNewbold groundbreaking ceremony […]


More Point Breeze Drama That You Don’t Want to Care About (but Secretly Do)

The Point Breeze Organizing Committee, which in the past two months has garnered headlines for publicly jousting with Point Breeze developer Ori Feibush, just laid out […]


Real Estate Urban Dictionary: “Feibush,” “Feibushy”

Over at reddit/philadelphia, user alphadoodledoo responded to a Daily News article about the recent vandalism of OCF Coffee Shop in Point Breeze. Two windows were broken in […]


GALLERY: Diverse Group Gathers to March for Diverse Causes in Point Breeze

As we said here, Saturday’s protest by the Point Breeze Organizing Committee and its sympathizers was peaceful. Property photographer Laura Kicey took photos of the […]


Morning Headlines: Vandalism Starts a Day of Protest in Point Breeze

Saturday was the Point Breeze Organizing Committee’s march against OCF Realty, and as you’ll see from our photos, which we’ll have up soon, it was […]

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Ori Feibush’s OCF Coffee House Reportedly Vandalized (With Video)

Yes, it’s possible that the following news has nothing to do with developer Ori Feibush’s showdown with the Point Breeze Organizing Committee … but honestly, […]


Point Breeze Organizing Committee Has Libel Duel With Ori Feibush and Everyone Forgets About Improving the Neighborhood

Point Breeze Organizing Committee (PBOC), the group that believes that developer Ori Feibush and his company, OCF Realty, is trying to take over the neighborhood, […]

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Point Breeze Residents Say Ori Feibush Fabricated “N-Word” Conversation, Make Cease-and-Desist Video

Well. Just when you think the conflict between developer Ori Feibush and the residents of Point Breeze couldn’t get any weirder, here’s this: A cease-and-desist […]


Anti-OCF Activist Lives in OCF Home, and Makes Matters Worse Trying to Explain

Ori Feibush, the developer who owns OCF Realty, has had a contentious relationship with some of his neighbors in Point Breeze, where he’s been aiming […]

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Ori Feibush Defeated, Will Rise Again Because He’s Ori Effing Feibush

Our fellow PhillyMag blog Property relates the latest Ori Feibush sighting: Point Breeze developer Ori Feibush stirred some controversy this month when his lawyer, Wally […]

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Morning Headlines: Zoning Board Says No to Ori Feibush

Point Breeze developer Ori Feibush stirred some controversy this month when his lawyer, Wally Zimilong, sent a letter to a woman, Haley Dervinis, opposed to […]


Headline of the Day: “Ori Feibush Is an Evil Monster”

But never fear, Philly Post writer Victor Fiorillo follows it up with “Or at least that’s what a lot of people seem to believe.” Story […]