Real Estate Urban Dictionary: “Feibush,” “Feibushy”

Over at reddit/philadelphia, user alphadoodledoo responded to a Daily News article about the recent vandalism of OCF Coffee Shop in Point Breeze. Two windows were broken in the early morning hours before a protest march was planned, in part, against OCF and its owner Ori Feibush.  In the Daily News piece, Feibush said he was “100 percent certain” the damage to the shop had been done by a member of the group leading the march. “The idea that it’s not is almost laughable,” he said.

alphadoodledoo wasn’t laughing. He pointed out that the vandal was wearing a mask and clothing that obscured any identifying details. Then he wrote:

Ori missed his calling as a detective if he can identify the vandal, mask and all, with 100% certainty. Either that or he just likes the way this even helps promote his favored narrative.

One thing is certain: he’s skating dangerously close to becoming synonymous with douche in this town.

Going to start referring to douchey people as Feibushs. As in “your shameless hijacking of the local newscycle for your business interests is such a Feibushy move” or “everyone in the neighborhood thinks you’re a total Feibush for disregarding their community’s wishes.”

We do not condone such usage. We just report.

Ori Feibush’s Coffee Shop In Point Breeze Vandalized And Vandal Is Caught On Tape [r/philadelphia]