Point Breeze Residents Say Ori Feibush Fabricated “N-Word” Conversation, Make Cease-and-Desist Video

Well. Just when you think the conflict between developer Ori Feibush and the residents of Point Breeze couldn’t get any weirder, here’s this: A cease-and-desist video from members of the Point Breeze Organizing Committee, claiming that Feibush has fabricated a text exchange with neighborhood resident Gary Broderick that depicts Broderick using the “N-word.”

First, the video:

Cease and Desist from Point Breeze Organizing on Vimeo.

And the press release:

Media Advisory

Aug. 22nd, 2013

The Point Breeze Organizing Committee (PBOC) today sent a Cease and Desist letter to Mr. Ori Feibush demanding that he Cease and Desist from the False Impersonation of one of PBOC’s leaders, Gary Broderick.

Mr. Feibush has been showing to Point Breeze community members a fabricated conversation portraying himself in a text exchange with Gary Broderick, where “Gary Broderick” threatens him, curses, and uses the N-word.

PBOC recognizes that an attack one of our leaders is an attack on us all. We recognize that it is an attempt to sow mistrust. But further we recognize the OCF playbook of portraying political battles as personal matters between individuals. We are not confused. We take issue with OCF’s profit-over-people model of development and our whole community has a stake in seeing that OCF’s model which fosters economic dislocation not come to fruition.

Members of PBOC have also produced a video demanding Mr. Feibush Cease and Desist.

We have calls out to pertinent parties, but, you know, wow.

Earlier this week, Philadelinquency reported that Broderick is shopping for a lawyer in the matter. Here’s a screenshot of the email Broderick reportedly sent out.