Ori Feibush’s OCF Coffee House Reportedly Vandalized (With Video)

Yes, it’s possible that the following news has nothing to do with developer Ori Feibush’s showdown with the Point Breeze Organizing Committee … but honestly, that’s what everybody’s going to speculate about, isn’t it? Anyway, the news:

We don’t have access to Feibush’s Facebook page—you have to be a friend to see the announcement. (UPDATE: We’re Facebook friends with Ori now! Here’s his announcement.)

.At Philadelphia Speaks, a thread offers up a couple of security cam videos of the purported act:

Also in the news: Point Breeze residents plan to remember the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington with a march of their own, one that seems pretty anti-Ori. We’re sure that the situation won’t spin even more out of control than it is now.