Point Breeze Organizing Committee Has Libel Duel With Ori Feibush and Everyone Forgets About Improving the Neighborhood

Point Breeze Organizing Committee (PBOC), the group that believes that developer Ori Feibush and his company, OCF Realty, is trying to take over the neighborhood, now alleges Feibush has falsely attributed moronic written remarks to Gary Broderick, one of the group’s de facto leaders. They say Feibush did this by creating fake Facebook chats with Broderick and then showed them to others. The group then created a strike-back video in which an organizer reads a Cease and Desist letter articulating Feibush’s alleged misdeeds.

Of course, the video isn’t exactly standard legal practice. So Broderick has also sent out a letter looking for legal help, which made its way to the desk of ACLU staff attorney Mary Catherine Roper. She then forwarded it to a list of “fellow NLGers” (members of the National Lawyers Guild of Philadelphia ) saying, “If you can help Gary, please contact him.”

The letter is below and was originally published on philadelinquency:


The letter gives the lie to the recently promulgated notion that PBOC’s concerns aren’t just about protesting OCF. But good on Gary for getting such a smart lawyer to helpfully forward his dubious claim along to so many other smart legal minds.

Here’s that Cease and Desist video:

But, um…just want to remind everyone that home prices in Point Breeze have gone down in the last month, home sales are down since last year, crime is still a terrible problem, many people in the neighborhood live in adverse circumstances, and the neighborhood still inspires message board headlines like “Moving to Point Breeze and Scared Shitless!

Activists complain that the neighborhood is further victimized by school closures, but if there aren’t enough residents to populate the institutions, what do they expect? More homes mean more kids which means more reason for a school and neighborhood resources for children. And what pays for the schools, by the way? Property taxes.

Unfortunately, with all this he-said/she-said libel junk, I’m not hearing much about children’s needs or neighborhood improvement. I’m hearing a lot about Facebook. To understand how stupid the whole thing has gotten, hop on over to Philly Post, where Andrew Thompson has a more in-depth analysis of the situation.

Oh, and have fun at that march tomorrow, everyone. Surely Dr. King would be with you in this struggle against…Facebook messages.