Developer of Huge Point Breeze Project Will Be Named Monday

point breeze rendering

Rendering of proposed Point Breeze project via Naked Philly.

Though the sale isn’t yet a done deal, 2012 Wharton, formerly Louis Sherman & Co. printers, is in the midst of being purchased by a developer for a proposed 50-home project. The broker in the deal is OCF Realty — better known ’round these parts as Ori Feibush — but according to Feibush, OCF is not the developer. That mystery person will be revealed on Monday, Feibush says, at what’s likely to be a very spicy meeting of South Philadelphia Homes Inc.

Here are the details we know thus far of the developer’s proposal:
Where will the new homes be?
6 homes on Wharton
6 homes on Reed
19 homes on Woodstock
19 homes on Capitol
What will the space be like?
3 beds
2 full baths
3 half-baths
Who will design them?

Tell us something pretty about sustainability
They’ll all have green roofs

When would they be done?
God only knows, but… Phase I = 10 homes. Phase II = 4 homes/mo.

What are the obstacles?
Currently, the lot is zoned industrial, and the proposal doesn’t include any parking. Translation: Between the variance needed and the neighborhood opposition, a battle is a-brewin’.