Morning Headlines: Vandalism Starts a Day of Protest in Point Breeze

Saturday was the Point Breeze Organizing Committee’s march against OCF Realty, and as you’ll see from our photos, which we’ll have up soon, it was very peaceful. Yet early that morning someone in the neighborhood smashed a hole in one window of the local OCF Realty coffee shop, and took another window out almost completely–acts that runs counter to the PBOC’s nonviolent mandate.

Photo: Laura Kicey

Photo: Laura Kicey

So far, the PBOC is denying any involvement with the vandalism, while OCF’s Ori Feibush told the Daily News he’s “100 percent sure” the group is involved. This gets more and more like Do The Right Thing every day. The Daily News has a surveillance photo of the perpetrator and the Philly Post has surveillance video.

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