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The Ori Feibush V. Kenyatta Johnson Verdict Is In: Feibush Won

A jury determined on Wednesday that Councilman Kenyatta Johnson blocked the sale of two vacant lots in Point Breeze to developer Ori Feibush in an […]


Ori Feibush and Kenyatta Johnson Testify in Court Fight Over Point Breeze Properties

Trial hearings began Tuesday morning in a federal civil lawsuit filed by Point Breeze developer Ori Feibush, who claims that 2nd District Councilman Kenyatta Johnson […]


Kenyatta Johnson Vs. Ori Feibush Starts Today. Here’s What You Need to Know

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to reflect a correction. The city-owned properties in question have not been sold.  Jury selection starts this morning […]


Developer Says Cafe “Took a Crap” All Over Opportunity

On the eve of an election day, this wasn’t exactly the drama we were expecting out of Point Breeze but it does involve Ori Feibush […]


Ori Feibush Gets the Go-Ahead for Townhomes at 20th and Wharton

We know all about Ori Feibush’s failed run at Councilman Kenyatta Johnson’s seat on City Council. We know all about the numerous heated meetings about his […]

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Point Breeze Pop-Up Beer Garden “Concerns” Prompt Community Meeting Tonight

The City Council race between Kenyatta Johnson and Ori Feibush may be over, but tensions in Philadelphia’s Point Breeze neighborhood aren’t going away anytime soon. […]


After Losing the Election, Ori Feibush Is Out of the Development Game

Love him or hate him, Ori Feibush has been the best-known developer in South Philadelphia’s Point Breeze neighborhood in recent years. But now he’s getting out the game. Feibush, who lost […]


The Brief: 3 Reasons Jim Kenney Crushed His Opponents

1. Jim Kenney won Philadelphia’s mayoral race by the biggest margin in modern history. The gist: The former City Councilman defied the odds — he got off to a late start, […]


Kenyatta Johnson Defeats Ori Feibush, Ending Long, Ugly Battle

On Tuesday night, incumbent Philadelphia City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson handily defeated challenger Ori Feibush in the 2nd District race, bringing to a close the most drawn-out […]


New Level of Crazy in Ori Feibush vs. Kenyatta Johnson

The already bizarre Ori Feibush vs. Kenyatta Johnson City Council contest took on a truly Kafkaesque quality Monday night, when Feibush hosted a fake debate […]


UPDATED: Worst. Mail. Ever. Kenyatta Hit Piece Pictures Ori in a Hot Tub

[Updated: 8:25 p.m.] Ori Feibush says the photo of him reclining in a hot tub was probably taken from his girlfriend’s Facebook page. He says the shot was […]


Headlines: Planning Gives Controversial Ori Feibush Project the Go-Ahead

Controversy seems to follow developer Ori Feibush wherever he goes. The dude is like the Justin Beiber of the Philadelphia real estate development game. Yes, […]


Anti-Ori Feibush Vandalism Pops Up in Point Breeze

Second District Council candidate Ori Feibush isn’t a stranger to vandalism. Long before he was running for office, he found a dead dog on the steps of […]


The Stark Choice Between Kenyatta Johnson and Ori Feibush

There was more energy in the room at the start of Thursday night’s debate between Second Council District contenders Kenyatta Johnson and Ori Feibush than […]


The Brief: Why Have City Dems Endorsed a Council Candidate Whose Facebook Page Compared Gay Men to Flatworms?

María Quiñones-Sánchez is one of the more consequential members of Philadelphia’s City Council. She was the driving force behind the new land bank. She’s gotten […]