Anti-Ori Feibush Vandalism Pops Up in Point Breeze

This was predictable.

Feibush vandalism

Ori Feibush says a campaign office was vandalized and a tire slashed on one of his company cars. | All photos from Feibush.

Second District Council candidate Ori Feibush isn’t a stranger to vandalism. Long before he was running for office, he found a dead dog on the steps of his house. In 2013, someone threw a brick through the window of one of his coffee shops. That incident was caught on video.

Now, as his campaign against Kenyatta Johnson approaches its final month, more Feibush-related vandalism is popping up in Point Breeze. On Thursday, Feibush posted photos to his Facebook page of some really amateurish red graffiti reading “don’t vote 4 Ori” sprayed onto a couple of walls. Two weeks prior, Feibush said, one of his campaign offices was vandalized and a tire slashed on one of his company cars.

In his Facebook post, Feibush seems to lay the blame for the vandalism at the foot of incumbent Councilman Kenyatta Johnson: “Councilman Johnson, our supporters will not be intimidated,” he wrote.

But there’s no evidence Citified is aware of that Johnson’s campaign had anything whatsoever to do with the vandalism. Feibush has plenty of detractors in the neighborhood who aren’t working or volunteering for Johnson.

And unlike that attack on his coffee shop in 2013, Feibush says he has no video of these incidents. Feibush—who is a big, big fan of security cameras—said he did not have any cameras installed at his campaign office on the 1500 block of Reed Street.

Feibush vandalism

Some of the (really low quality) graffiti that turned up in Point Breeze this week.