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Filmmaker John Waters, who recently compared one of his movies to the MOVE bombing in Philadelphia
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Nauseating John Waters Compares His Movie to the MOVE Bombing

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thomas farley move bombing
City Life

Philadelphia Owes the MOVE Survivors Reparations, Not Just An Apology

On the 36th anniversary of the tragic MOVE bombing — a city-authorized bombing and burning of a Black neighborhood in West Philadelphia that killed 11 people, […]

Ramona Africa standing in front of posters supporting Mumia Abu-Jamal
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MOVE Members Say 1985 Bomb Gave Ramona Africa Cancer

At a press conference in West Philly on Wednesday, members of the MOVE Organization announced that Ramona Africa, the last remaining survivor of the infamous […]

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Opera Philly Needs $25k to Screen Opera Inspired By the MOVE Bombing

After enthusiastic receptions in Harlem and Amsterdam, Opera Philadelphia is bringing the highly-acclaimed We Shall Not Be Moved back to the city this fall. Well, […]

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MOVE 9 Member Debbie Africa Released From Prison After 39 Years

After spending more than 39 years in prison for her role in the 1978 murder of Philadelphia police officer James Ramp, MOVE member Debbie Africa […]

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When Children Force Us to Remember What We’d Rather Forget

If you’re a newcomer to Philadelphia, chances are you’ve walked by the Municipal Services Center and paid very little attention to the statue that stands […]

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City Announces Developer for MOVE Bombing Area

The Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority has chosen a company to redevelop 36 rowhomes in West Philadelphia where police bombed a house full of black liberationists in 1985, […]

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Trump’s Election Was a Bomb Dropped on a Calm Neighborhood

Almost exactly ten years after my family had left Guatemala — a country mired in a horrifically violent and bloody 36-year undeclared war waged by […]

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Can Philly Fix the Block It Razed, Then Shabbily Rebuilt, After MOVE Bombing?

There’s no historical marker at 6221 Osage Avenue to tell the casual passersby what happened here in 1985 — that the Philadelphia Police Department dropped […]

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The MOVE Anniversary: What They’re Saying

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVbOlY7svfE It was a local tragedy, but the 30th anniversary of the MOVE bombing has prompted some recollections and other thoughts in national and even […]

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Thirty Years Later, MOVE Still Hurts

On May 13, 1985 — 30 years ago today — a city decided to selectively bomb its citizens. On Mother’s Day 1985, residents on a […]

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MOVE 30: Inside the May 1985 Assault on Osage Avenue

A version of this article was originally published in 2012. On May 13, 1985 at 5:20 p.m., a blue and white Pennsylvania State Police helicopter […]

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One of Us: Ramona Africa, MOVE Member

My name is … Ramona Africa. My mother named me Ramona, and Africa comes from my membership in MOVE. It symbolizes the origin of life, […]

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MOVE Member Dies In Prison: Natural Causes or Suspicious Circumstances?

On Saturday, MOVE member Phil Africa — born William Phillips — died in prison in Dallas, Pennsylvania, where he was serving a 30- to 100-year sentence for […]

Let The Fire Burn
City Life

MOVE Would Have Never Happened in a White Neighborhood

A version of this story originally ran in 2012. On May 13, 1985 at 5:20 p.m., a blue and white Pennsylvania State Police helicopter took […]