Birdie Africa survived the MOVE bombing in Philadelphia
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Birdie Africa: The Lost Boy

HE WENT TO THE FIRE The city was burning, and he went to the fire and got as close as he could. Something strange had […]

Let The Fire Burn
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Did Frank Rizzo Try to Prevent the MOVE Bombing?

I just finished screening Let the Fire Burn, a fascinating new documentary about the MOVE bombing in Philadelphia. And whether you think you know everything […]

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Everybody Loves the New MOVE Documentary

There’s a new documentary about the 1985 bombing of the MOVE house in Cobbs Creek comprised entirely of found footage.  And the critics–well, two very […]

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The MOVE Bombing: An Oral History

IT WAS A standoff years in the making at 6221 Osage Avenue — the headquarters of a group called MOVE. The neighbors were fed up. […]