Everybody Loves the New MOVE Documentary

Taking us back to a dark time in 1985.

There’s a new documentary about the 1985 bombing of the MOVE house in Cobbs Creek comprised entirely of found footage.  And the critics–well, two very well-respected outlets–love it.

New York Times: “In the case of “Let the Fire Burn,” it’s video that begets a riveting chronicle of the radical group Move’s clash with Philadelphia authorities and a catastrophic siege of its headquarters in 1985. Seamlessly fashioned from television news footage, public hearings and other sources, the movie relives an incredible chapter in American history.”

New York: “Let the Fire Burn is a time machine and a triumph of documentary form. Osder shows that there are truths out there waiting to be found — that footage already shot can make history in all its terrible finality breathe.”

The downside? If you read national publications that discuss Philadelphia, one would get the impression nothing good ever happens here. Broken school system, concussion lawsuit, Eagles sucking, and now a reminder about MOVE.