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How to Organize Everything In Your Life

As the foliage on the trees dies in a fiery, colorful blaze, so too should those bad habits that are cluttering your life and stressing […]


10 Best Hair and Beauty Destinations in Philly

Whether you’re looking for an edgy haircut, a manly mani, a brow cleanup, or a total makeover, Philly is home to some seriously talented artists […]


5 Best Drugstore Beauty Buys

Beauty products can really start to add up, especially when it takes more than just a handful of items to get the job done. That’s […]


Bluemercury Launches Good-For-You Makeup Line Lune + Aster

One of our favorite cosmetics stores, Bluemercury, just launched its own makeup line. It’s called Lune + Aster, and it’s totally gorgeous – and good for […]


The Ultimate Beauty Event Goes Down Saturday Morning at Bloomingdale’s

Some things are impossible to find: a manicure that lasts longer than three weeks, a Chanel bag that costs less than four figures, a good reason […]


WTF Beauty: Why Is This New Tarantula Lash Trend a Thing?

Lashes are everything  – that’s, like, rule #1 of makeup. A good coat of mascara makes the eyes look bigger, draws attention to the most […]


I Tried Pantone’s Skin-Matching Technology at Sephora (and It Was Incredible)

Last week, I stopped by my the Sephora store on Walnut Street to buy liquid foundation. But because Sephora is like a candy store, I ended up […]


Market Report: When to Throw Out Your Old Makeup (and Why You Need to!)

Skin irritation doesn’t seem to be clearing up? It could be your expired foundation. Find out the actual shelf-life of your beauty products. (Warning: You may […]


Finally, Makeup Sized to Fit Your Life On The Go

Every morning, I apply my makeup on the Septa train into Center City, warranting many a stink eye from fellow commuters. But with a jam-packed schedule, […]

Things to Do

Crazy Skilled Makeup Artist Transforms Herself Into Rocky and Other Famous Figures

Italian makeup artist Lucia Pittalis is giving drag queens a run for their money, proving that anything is possible with few brushes and some expert contouring. Just […]


Makeup Mobile From ‘Shark Tank’ Is Coming to Old City This Afternoon

Shopping tip of the day: The Lip Bar, a national makeup truck specializing in candy-bright, vegan lipstick and lip glosses, is rolling into Old City later this afternoon and […]


The Summer Bronzers Philly Makeup Artists Swear By

After a very ill-fated love affair with self-tanning lotion in high school, I’ve stuck to special-occasion spray tans (see my list of the best places to […]


Inside Rittenhouse’s Best New Makeup Boutique

Monica Virga is exactly what you’d think a celeb makeup artist from Milan would be: dewy olive skin, glossy dark hair, quirky glasses, dressed all in black. […]


H&M Is Launching a Beauty Line Featuring Over 700 Products This Fall

Fast-fashion empire H&M announced yesterday that it is launching a brand-new beauty line, set to debut in the fall. According to reports, the line will […]


Beauty PSA: You’ve Probably Been Applying Your Concealer All Wrong

Apply your makeup for enough years and it becomes a mindless routine. Mine is so engrained that I can do it in less than 10 minutes. On the […]