Finally, Makeup Sized to Fit Your Life On The Go

Mini makeup that's gorgeous and good for you.


The perfect size for glam on the go. | Images via @AshleyMuirBruhn and The Glam Files.

Every morning, I apply my makeup on the Septa train into Center City, warranting many a stink eye from fellow commuters. But with a jam-packed schedule, I’m constantly looking for ways to maximize my time. Plus, I always love having my makeup around for touchups  –  how else are you supposed to take your face from the office to happy hour? The downside? Having to lug around my massive makeup kit the rest of the day; it’s so large that I recently bought a bigger purse (read: adult backpack) just to fit everything in one portable place.

This is precisely why Stowaway Cosmetics has me hyped on this Monday afternoon. They ingeniously offer high-quality cosmetics, all of which measure in at half the normal size, for half the price. Stowaway’s Creme Lipstick is smaller than your pinky; their Effortless Eyeliner is the size of a Q-tip. How adorable is that? Rather than considering them “sample size” products, think more “perfect size”  – as in you can finally own a BB cream that is smaller than your vat of body lotion. 

Goodbye, mammoth, scoliosis-causing makeup kit. Hello, glam on-the-go.

Stowaway follows the quality over quantity mantra, and they’re shaking up the way we think about makeup. The pint-sized products are made to be finished, not last forever. And there’s a reason for this that goes beyond size: Because you’ll actually be able to use these cosmetics down to the last drop — within, you know, your lifetime — they don’t need a huge shelf life. This means there’s no need for harmful chemical preservatives: parabens, phthalates and every other hard-to-pronounce ingredient that you’ll find in most normal-size cosmetics. (The scary backstory: Unlike European consumer safety standards, the FDA does not regulate the ingredients in American makeup. Stowaway’s stands up to any name brand, but with higher safety standards, which we think is pretty rad.)

You can purchase all of their products individually online, or go all out with the Stowaway Kit for (a very reasonable) $75. This customizable kit includes a BB creamconcealercheek and lip rouge, eyeliner, and mascara, with a creme lipstick thrown in as a gift. Pick your shades from their selection which, as of now, is admittedly pretty limited. The brand has plans to expand in the near future, and we’ll be waiting — with smaller makeup bags.