H&M Is Launching a Beauty Line Featuring Over 700 Products This Fall

It will hit stores this September.


Meet your new beauty go-to. | H&M.

Fast-fashion empire H&M announced yesterday that it is launching a brand-new beauty line, set to debut in the fall. According to reports, the line will kick off with 700 products, but soon expand to over 1,000 items, which will range from nail polish and hair tools to body goods and makeup.

The collection will be twofold: an eco-friendly line called Conscious Beauty (the company is pushing its sustainability angle) and a higher-end, premium line. Look for it in stores worldwide and online starting in September. Prices will range from $2.99 to $24.99.

Beauty giants Ulta and Sephora probably have nothing to worry about — their footing in this sector is undeniably strong — but this could spell the end of drugstore makeup binges. (Really, it’s impossible to walk into a CVS and leave without at least five beauty items.) Stay tuned for more info!