Beauty PSA: You’ve Probably Been Applying Your Concealer All Wrong

Stipple, not swipe.


Dab, don’t smudge. | Shutterstock.

Apply your makeup for enough years and it becomes a mindless routine. Mine is so engrained that I can do it in less than 10 minutes. On the train. So introducing a new product or application method is difficult (it took me about six months to learn to apply my liquid cat-eye on the train without any major mishaps) — even when you’re dealing with something as basic as concealer.

Think about how you apply it: a dab on your finger, then a smear under your eyes, a swipe around your nose, and maybe another smear on your chin. Here’s the problem with this application: No matter how great your concealer is, when you smear instead of tap it on, it doesn’t last as long, doesn’t blend as well, and uses more product than necessary. Need proof? 

I came across this article, which explains that the best way to apply concealer is to tap is lightly with the pad of your finger. So I’ve been trying it out, even though sometimes I forget and smear with wild abandon, and it really works. The coverage is better, even when I use less product, and it stays on all day.

Click here to see how to do it but remember to be gentle! The skin underneath your eyes is delicate.