How to Organize Everything In Your Life

From desks to kitchens to lipsticks to gift wrap, here's how to corral your crap.


Don’t you just want to breathe a sigh of relief looking at this order? | Pinterest.

As the foliage on the trees dies in a fiery, colorful blaze, so too should those bad habits that are cluttering your life and stressing you out. Here’s how to organize every aspect of your world, from that tangle of necklaces to your kid’s football gear to your growing lipstick collection. Plus, how to finally reclaim that bedroom chair that’s been hidden under a mountain of clothes for months, and the cutest, non-corporate way to keep K-Cups at the ready in your kitchen.

We’ve set realistic fall goals over here: We’re dedicated to trying at least three of these things before the year is out, and we invite you to join our re-organizing resolution. Now keep reading – organizational porn awaits!


desk Org

All white everything. | Pinterest.

Lord knows you don’t need any more stress at work. That’s why organizing your desk is crucial – a clean desk will add a little om to your day. The easiest way to make your workspace appear more organized? Color coordination. Invest in a few matching desk accessories (go here to do so!) and things will feel more streamlined, even if your to-do list is still miles long. Want more? We have five more tips for office organization here.



Kitchen Org

Holy clutter-free counter space. | DIY Network.

First, hang a chalkboard or whiteboard in your pantry or on the inside of a cabinet for shopping lists. (Get a magnetic one and you can even corral weekly coupons, too.) Simply snap a pic on your phone for grocery store runs. To store those ugly K-Cups in a less corporate way, try a ceramic lidded jar like this one to add character to your countertops. Then check out this 29-photo gallery, loaded with amazing snaps of efficient kitchens. The standout: that paper towel drawer.


Organize Gift Wrapping

Images via Good Housekeeping and the Container Store.

Organize your Santa’s Workshop (aka: hot mess of tissue paper/ribbons) by storing your wrapping paper tubes upright in a small, decorative hamper and your bows/tissue paper in a few cute baskets. We love this one from Wayfair. Better yet, invest in elfa’s gift packaging door/wall rack, which organizes everything vertically so you don’t lose valuable floor space.



Sports Org

One-stop sports gear drop. | iheartorganizing.

For all the moms out there with little athletes, running to and from practice can cause a whole lot of mess in the mudroom. Try turning cubbies into a bench, with storage to keep gear semi-hidden but easily accessible. Here’s how to do it. (It’s way easier than you think!)



Sheets Org

Now doesn’t that look nice? | Life Hacker.

Fold all of your bedsheets into one pile per matching set. For next-level neatness, slide the folded set into one of the pillowcases, creating a sheet-set bundle for simplified storage. For extra points, throw in an unused bar of soap to keep your linens smelling fresh.



Stylish and efficient – it’s the best of both worlds. | The Coveteur and DIYNcrafts.

A letter organizer neatly stores clutches in an upright position so they don’t get damaged. Hanging scarves on display can quickly look out of control with clashing patterns. Instead, store scarves rolled up in a drawer lined with PVC pipes. As for necklaces, easy access is key. Try adding a few antique knobs to a rustic wall-mounted display board for a sophisticated, clean look.


Closet Org2

Quality over quantity. | Pinterest.

It’s daunting, but you only have to ask yourself “Does this item bring me joy?” (not “Have I worn this in the past year?”). As for the order, do what works for you. One zen-ifying tip is to organize by color with whites to the right, but if sorting pants with pants seems intuitive to you, go for it.



Sweater Org

For when you’re feeling crafty and cozy. | iheartorganizing.

This DIY sweater box project is absolutely perfect for storing sweaters in a neat, functional way that allows you to see all the knits at once. Remember: If you can, fold sweaters, don’t hang.



chair Org

Say goodbye to chair clutter. | Domino.

You know that chair  you have that you’ve never actually sat on because it’s buried beneath a pile of clothes, shoes, towels, etc.? Domino offered these great tips for finally taking it back: Replace it. Opt for a cute ladder to be used for coats and shoes, or find a woven basket to hold those items you just can’t resist piling somewhere. (It happens.)


Makeup Org

Novel idea: Actually be able to see the counter space in your bathroom! | Cosmopolitan.

Beauty: It really does take a village, and sometimes that village gets messy (as in, every morning). Get creative with it and, if you’re low on shelf or drawer space, keep things you use often out on your counter, but in a pretty way. Display perfumes on a pretty cake stand, stash your makeup brushes in a vase. For inside drawers, try this trick: Sort your lipsticks by color in a mini loaf pan.

If our list somehow doesn’t have what you’re looking for, check out this spring cleaning post for ideas for tidying up. Still not done? Head here for even more life-organizing tips. And if you’re looking to get philosophical about the whole process, there’s this. Happy organizing, and here’s to new beginnings!