59 Tips for Spring-Cleaning and Organizing Every Single Thing In Your Life

Clean, organize, declutter, pare down, purge — here's how to do it all.

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From streamlining your pantry to cleaning up your kid’s playroom, we’ve got all your tips here. | Photos by Courtney Apple.

We here at Shoppist have a thing for spring cleaning. We’ve written about it, posted slideshows about it, and I’ve even given you the step-by-step instructions I use for my personal closet clean-outs.

Here, all rounded up in one place, are the best, smartest, most efficient and inspiring tips, tricks and tools you need for the most organized house ever.

1. How to organize your accessories.
Our favorite tip here? Use a common desk supply — a letter sorter — to corral your clutches.

2. How to organize your makeup.
On our list: Adhere PVC pipes to the inside of your cabinets to hold hair tools like hair dryers and curling irons. 

3. 10 steps to spring-cleaning your closet like a fashion editor.
Here’s my step-by-step guide that I ruthlessly follow to clean out my closet, and the closets of my friends and family.

4. How to organize your desk.
In this one, we’ve got our favorite web store for completely color-coordinated desk supplies. Heaven.

5. How to store all of your jewelry.
Plus, a peek at how I store my rings!

6. How to store your shoes. Every last pair.
Stack ’em vertically, put ’em in a cupboard, stash em in blocks. See it all here.

7. And here’s how to clean your home — from your garage and kitchen pantry all the way to your camera roll.
Plus: We found a service that will streamline your entire digital life.

8. Don’t forget the little stuff! Here’s how to clean your makeup brushes.
Guys, you’re supposed to do this every week. Who knew?