Organize Your Life! Day 2: Six Stylish Ways to Organize Your Desk

Because sometimes Staples doesn't cut it.

How to Organize Your Desk

Your new best friend: the wall-mounted organizer.

Maybe it was the 72-hour stint of warm weather last week, but we here at Shoppist are ready for a little spring-cleaning. Each day this week, we’ll be compiling the best ways to organize your life. Trust us: Imagine how good it will feel to spring clean, before spring. Collective sigh of relief, everyone.

There’s nothing that saps creativity and dashes productivity than a messy desk. But Staples and Office Depot are woefully lacking in the style department. (Trust me: My office is primarily white, and it took me at least 10 trips to various stores to find a cool white stapler. Also, yes: I am that crazy.) Here, some of the best ways to keep your workspace chaos-free, and totally stylish to boot.


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