Organize Your Life! Day 3: Eight Clever Ways to Store Your Shoes

When installing a ginormous walk-in mega closet isn't an option.

Shoes hanging from salvaged wood moldings? Perfection.

Shoes hanging from salvaged wood moldings? Perfection.

Maybe it was the 72-hour stint of warm weather last week, but we here at Shoppist are ready for a little spring-cleaning. Each day this week, we’ll be compiling the best ways to organize your life. Trust us: Imagine how good it will feel to spring clean, before spring. Collective sigh of relief, everyone.

Sometimes it might seem like the only way to store your extensive shoe collection is to call up a contractor and start making blueprints for a new walk-in closet, a la Mariah. But before you start wielding a sledgehammer, here are eight tricks to keep all your shoes neat and tidy. From creative ways to incorporate shoes into living spaces to all-around better storage techniques, all of your stilettos/sneakers/sandals/etc. will have a place in no time.



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