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Kathleen Kane

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Frank Fina of the Porngate Scandal Will Defend Indicted PSU Frat President

Former state prosecutor Frank Fina, a major character in the Porngate email scandal, will defend the indicted former president of the Pennsylvania State University fraternity embedded in […]

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OPINION: Philly’s Tolerance for Corruption Is Why Seth Williams Hasn’t Resigned

The Philly reaction to political scandals usually rolls out like this: 1) Word of an investigation sparks chatter. Nobody really cares. 2) An indictment sparks […]

City Life

Report: Legal Matters Involving Kathleen Kane Cost State $3.6M

Legal matters surrounding embattled former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane cost the state office $3.6 million, according to current Attorney General Josh Shapiro. 

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Philly’s Biggest Losers of 2016

Now that the last shreds of wrapping paper have been vacuumed up and the good dishes are finally put away, we revisit our time-honored tradition […]

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Report: Kathleen Kane to Appeal Perjury Conviction, Jail Sentence

Former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane has appealed her perjury conviction and the 10- to 23-month jail sentence she received last month from a Montgomery County […]

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Is This The End of Porngate?

So this is it, then? After all of the name-calling, the ruined careers, the lawsuits, and the investigations of previous investigations, Porngate ended on something […]

Constitution Center press conference from December 2015

Pa. Paid Lawyer a Grand to Stand on Constitution Center Stage

Nice work if you can get it. On December 1st of last year, then-Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane held a press conference. She showed a […]

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Josh Shapiro Is Pennsylvania’s New Attorney General

The race for Pennsylvania attorney general was relatively quiet, as these things go. The chief task for both candidates — Democrat Josh Shapiro and Republican state Sen. John […]

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The No-Bullshit Guide to the 2016 Philadelphia Presidential Election

Only two days left. The most unbelievable election of our lifetimes is, mercifully, coming to an end. The vast majority of you know whether you’re […]

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Don’t Blame Donald Trump for Donald Trump

My boss asked me the other day why I was writing fewer opinion pieces online than I used to. I told him the truth: that […]

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Kathleen Kane Sentenced to Jail Time

Ex-Attorney General Kathleen Kane was sentenced to 10 to 23 months in jail following a daylong hearing that began at 10 a.m. in Norristown today, according to the […]

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Dick Sprague Is Suing Ken Smukler Over Chump Change

Dick Sprague is the most feared attorney in Philadelphia. Ken Smukler is a behind-the-scenes Democratic political operative who has worked for the likes of Kathleen […]

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Kathleen Kane Seeks Immediate $1 Million in Divorce Case

Former Pennsylvania attorney general Kathleen Kane is seeking an immediate $1 million payment in her divorce case, the Scranton Times-Tribune reports, less than a month […]

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Pennsylvania Senate Unanimously Confirms Bruce Beemer to Replace Kathleen Kane as Attorney General

Pennsylvania Inspector General Bruce Beemer will replace the embattled Kathleen Kane as the state’s Attorney General, lawmakers voted today.

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Hundreds of State Workers Might Soon Be Outed as Porngate Participants

The latest chapter in the Porngate saga arrived Wednesday when an email was sent to hundreds of state workers that said they would soon be outed as having exchanged pornographic […]