Kathleen Kane Seeks Immediate $1 Million in Divorce Case

Her petition characterizes the request as a credit against the $6 million she claims her estranged husband will owe her when the divorced is finalized.

Former Pennsylvania attorney general Kathleen Kane is seeking an immediate $1 million payment in her divorce case, the Scranton Times-Tribune reports, less than a month after she was convicted on nine counts, including perjury, obstruction of justice, and abuse of office, for leaking grand jury material to a newspaper.

Kane, who is now (clearly) unemployed, filed the petition last Thursday, asking a judge to order her estranged husband, Christopher Kane, to pay a partial distribution of the $6 million in marital assets she believes she is entitled to. The newspaper reports that the petition claims Kane now has no income other than alimony and child support, and that she seeks the money to fund an appeal of her conviction. Her sentencing is scheduled for October 24th.

It’s the latest in the duo’s battle over financial records and alimony in the divorce proceeding. Court records show that Kane’s husband currently pays her $19,000 per month in child support for their two sons, according to the Times-Tribune. The petition claims that her husband would be credited when the distribution of their assets is finalized.

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