Report: Kathleen Kane to Appeal Perjury Conviction, Jail Sentence

Kane was sentenced to 10 to 23 months in jail by a Montgomery County judge last month, following her perjury conviction.

Former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane has appealed her perjury conviction and the 10- to 23-month jail sentence she received last month from a Montgomery County Judge, the Pottstown Mercury reports.

Kane’s jail sentence followed her conviction in August, when she was found guilty of nine counts, including perjury, obstruction of justice and abuse of office, of illegally leaking secret grand jury information to the Daily News in an act of revenge against former prosecutor Frank Fina. Kane announced her resignation on August 16th.

Kane, who was a first-term Democrat, has hired Harrisburg Lawyer Joshua Lock to handle her appeal, according to the Pottstown Mercury.

At the Montgomery County trial in October, Kane asked the judge to consider her relationship with her two teenage sons and sentence her to probation or house arrest. She’s now free on $75,000 cash bail, the newspaper reports.

Kane’s career as the first woman and Democrat elected Pennsylvania Attorney General once looked promising, but the controversy surrounding her political downfall is now among the most contentious cases of political corruption in modern Pennsylvania history.

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