Hundreds of State Workers Might Soon Be Outed as Porngate Participants

Employees in the Attorney General's office and other departments were told that they are on a list of people involved in the email scandal — a list to be released to the public.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane departs after her preliminary hearing Monday, Aug. 24, 2015, at the Montgomery County courthouse in Norristown, Pa.

Fallout from former Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s Porngate investigation continues.

The latest chapter in the Porngate saga arrived Wednesday when an email was sent to hundreds of state workers that said they would soon be outed as having exchanged pornographic emails, according to This news, as you might expect, has not been taken well.

On Wednesday afternoon, workers received the message from special prosecutor Douglas Gansler, appointed by former Attorney General Kathleen Kane to investigate the Porngate scandal. According to the email, recipients have until Monday to contest their place on the list before their participation is made public. Whether the notice was sent only to email senders, and not recipients, is uncertain.

Some employees in the Attorney General’s office have been punished in the past for their involvement in the scandal. In response to Gansler’s announcement, Acting Attorney General Bruce L. Castor, Jr. said the report would not be released without his approval. The Fraternal Order of Police said it will seek an injunction to block the report’s release.