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Interact Theatre Company

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REVIEW: In Salt Pepper Ketchup, A Not So Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Say this, at least, for Salt Pepper Ketchup, on stage now at InterAct Theatre—it surely has immediacy on its side. Josh Wilder’s earnest but uneven […]

Things to Do

REVIEW: In Sensitive Guys at InterAct, Satire with a Heavy Hand

The deliberately open-ended title, Sensitive Guys, doesn’t tell you much. But two comments about MJ Kaufman’s play, now at InterAct, reveal more about this well-produced […]

Things to Do

REVIEW: In InterAct’s Broken Stones, A Political Tale Goes Down the Rabbit Hole

Sinister political thriller? Caper comedy? Morality play? Surreal fantasia? Try as I did to focus on the odd and occasionally intriguing narrative arc of Broken […]

Things to Do

THEATER REVIEW: In How to Use a Knife, Life in the Kitchen from Simmer to Boil

God is in the details, as they say. Watching InterAct’s marvelous production of Will Snider’s How to Use a Knife, I was struck again and […]

Things to Do

THEATER REVIEW: In InterAct’s You for Me for You, the Parallel Risks of Leaving and Staying

If you see You for Me for You at InterAct—and I think you should—I have some advice: don’t try too hard to make all the […]

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THEATER REVIEW: In Marcus/Emma, History Seen Through a Lens, Hiply

It was the moment when legendary anarchist Emma Goldman yells, “I just figured out how to turn my labia into a hand puppet!” that I realized […]

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Arts List: 6 Reasons to Go to the Theater

The Plough and the Stars @ Annenberg Center’s Zellerbach Theatre | October 13-16 Abbey Theatre’s revival of The Plough and the Stars, set during Ireland’s […]

Things to Do

THEATER REVIEW: In Grounded, the Gulf Between Earth and Stars

The blue sky – its vastness and freedom – first enthralls the Pilot in Grounded.  But as the title suggests, the downward pull of earthly responsibilities […]

Things to Do

THEATER REVIEW: Straight White Men Are Not What You Think

“Oh, great,” I thought, as soon as I read the title. Just what we need — another play about America’s most maligned underclass. (As if […]

Things to Do

Theater Review: The Nether at InterAct is a Visceral, Sometimes Creepy Experience

“I want to go home,” announces Sims, in a tone that implies he’s used to getting his way. And why wouldn’t he want to leave? […]

Things to Do

REVIEW: #therevolution

Location, location, location. This realtor’s mantra is not just for house-hunters — it’s at least as significant for theater companies, for whom space is often a […]

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SNEAK PEEK: Our Behind-the-Scenes Tour of the New Drake

“God knows there are a lot of theaters in this town. Our purpose is for this to be a hub.” That’s what InterAct Theatre Company‘s […]

Things to Do

In the Wings: Dan Hodge, Star of The Three Christs of Manhattan

A world-premiere production at Interact Theatre Company has an atheist Jewish psychiatrist seeing Christ all around her, but not in the way you might think. She’s […]

City Life

A Black, Lesbian Robot is Coming to Philly This Weekend

Philly Tech Week is officially upon us, which means we’re in store for a week’s worth of forward-thinking, innovation-driven events that give us a peek […]

Things to Do

In the Wings: Chatting with The Dangerous House of Pretty Mbane‘s Aimé Donna Kelly

Philly teaching artist, actor and playwright Aimé Donna Kelly, who you can currently see in InterACT Theatre Company‘s powerful The Dangerous House of Pretty Mbane, talks […]