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12 Gorgeous Historic Wedding Venues Around Philadelphia

Picking out your wedding venue is no small task. Luckily, when it comes to throwing a wedding in Philly, the historic wedding venues are pretty much endless. Whether […]

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City Life

Inside the Hunt for Artifacts Buried Under Philly’s Oldest Properties

You never know what you’re going to find in the privy. That’s what Melissa and Matt Dunphy discovered in 2016 after they bought the former […]

City Life

Being Ben and Betsy: The Double Lives of Philly’s Historical Interpreters

It’s mighty easy to get swept up in revolutionary fervor while walking the cobblestones by Independence Hall, especially once the tourist high season hits and […]

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Pokémon Go Guided Tours Are Now a Thing in Philly

Mobile game Pokémon Go blew up when it was introduced last month, with an estimated 7.5 million downloads in the U.S. in just the first […]


Jawdropper of the Week: History Now in Society Hill

Our Founders, it turns out, were very forward-thinking people. At least that’s the impression we get after taking a look at the house James and […]

Things to Do

A 200-Foot-Long Dragon Walks into Franklin Square

If you’ve walked by Franklin Square in the past few days, you likely noticed the carousel horses have been getting some flashy company. This Friday […]


Will Philadelphia’s Historic Jewelers’ Row Last?

What are those qualities that give great cities their “strong sense of place” ? We recounted those here some months back, but the one that has our attention […]

The Scene

Historic Philadelphia Honors Ed Rendell, Gerry Lenfest and Karen Butler

Last Wednesday, Historic Philadelphia Inc honored Governor Ed Rendell, Gerry Lenfest, Karen Butler, the William Penn Foundation and PECO. The evening convened at the Historic Philadelphia Center […]