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On the Market: Riverside Neotraditional in Gladwyne

You now have an opportunity once again to become one of the 45 luckiest homeowners in Gladwyne. All you need to do is buy the […]

City Life

The Main Line’s Latest NIMBY Scourge: Old People

Here in Philadelphia proper, we get all bent out of shape when some rando developer wants to erect an incongruous monstrosity near our historic rowhomes. […]

Life & Style

Bonus Room Makeovers: How 5 Philadelphians Transformed Spare Rooms Into Sanctuaries

Recently, we’ve had to become creative with how we use our homes — spare bedrooms turning into offices, kitchen annexes working as classrooms, a bathroom […]

Life & Style

How the Owner of a Gladwyne-Based Cake Company Created a Home Office for Her Start-Up

Former teacher Megan Genkin used quarantine to finally build the business of her dreams — a custom bakery called Sweet Yums Cakes. But to really […]

house for sale Gladwyne riverside contemporary exterior rear

Just Listed: Riverside Contemporary in Gladwyne

Does the aerial view below look like Gladwyne to you? It sure doesn’t to me. In fact, it looks more like the opposite riverbank, where […]

house for sale Gladwyne colonial farmhouse exterior front

On the Market: Colonial Farmhouse Mansion in Gladwyne

Architect Lyman Perry, interior designer Carl Steele and landscape designer Chuck Hess did themselves very proud when they designed this 18th-century Colonial farmhouse on steroids […]

gladwyne riverside house for sale exterior front

Just Listed: Riverside Retreat in Gladwyne

Everybody knows Gladwyne, right? Spectacular, sprawling mansions on equally outsized lots that sprawl all over the hills and valleys that define this most affluent community […]

house for sale gladwyne neotraditional exterior front

Just Listed: Young Eclectic in Gladwyne

We don’t know the name of either the architect or the builder of this very handsome neotraditional Gladwyne house for sale, but we would like […]

gladwyne georgian revival house for sale exterior front

On the Market: Georgian Revival Mansion in Gladwyne

“They don’t build ’em like they used to.” How many times have you heard someone say that in the course of lamenting what passes for […]

house for sale gladwyne tudor revival revival exterior front

On the Market: Classic Tudor Revival in Gladwyne

You’ve heard the phrase “everything old is new again” a million times, I’m sure. Well, with this handsome Tudor house for sale in Gladwyne, everything […]

new hope modern farmhouse dining room and kitchen

5 Houses That Will Make Your Next Big Dinner Much Easier

Thanksgiving brings with it several stress triggers. There’s making sure the turkey doesn’t dry out. There’s making sure everything’s ready to serve at the same […]

house for sale gladwyne french estate aerial view of central court

Just Relisted: Private French Village in Gladwyne

Attention, recent arrivals and nouveaux riches seeking to Build a Statement in Gladwyne: If you don’t change your plans and buy this dazzling 62-acre estate instead, […]


You Can Save Up to 60% on This $35M Gladwyne Mansion

The late, lamented Daffy’s advertised “clothing bargains for millionaires.” And why wouldn’t someone who’s filthy rich love a bargain just like the rest of us? […]

house for sale gladwyne deco colonial foyer

Private Listing: Deco-fied Colonial in Gladwyne

Not every house for sale goes on the market. Some of the choicest, most fabulous houses get sold quietly via off-market private sales. Sellers request […]


On the Market: Classically Contemporary House in Gladwyne

Many of the newer mansions in Gladwyne, the region’s swankiest zip code, show off the architectural affectations “McMansion Hell” loves to skewer. And inside them, […]