Take a Hike to These 5 Great Homes Along Pennsylvania’s “Trail of the Year”

Walk Score, Schmalk Score. When you have one of the finest hiking trails in the entire region for a neighbor, is it really all that important […]


New Kid on the Block in Germantown for $350K

One of the things that draw people to Germantown is the sense of history and permanence that permeates even its least fashionable blocks. “The neighborhood […]


Living History in Germantown for $250K

We live in a city whose history is one of its selling points. And very few of its neighborhoods ooze history from their pores the […]


“She Just Liked Fire”: Family Searches for Answers in Gas-Station Suicide

Friends and family of Jerri Phillips were set to gather at a West Philadelphia mosque on Wednesday afternoon for Janazah, the Muslim funeral services, four […]

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For Marc Lamont Hill, a Labor of Love in Germantown

The good people of Germantown have devoted much time and effort to restoring the faded glory of this historic and diverse neighborhood. The latest Germantowner to […]


Live in a Park in Germantown for $500K

Some Chestnut Hill residents enjoy the privilege of visiting the Morris Arboretum for free anytime they want, thanks to deeds that include access to the […]


Teen Killed in Crossfire of Germantown Shootout

A 16-year-old boy was killed and three other teens were wounded last night after they were inadvertently caught in the crossfire of either two people […]


Big Plans Announced to Jumpstart Wayne Junction

At least this diner won’t be called the Trolley Car. But the Trolley Car’s owner plans to open another one as one of the first […]


A Colorful Original in Germantown for $275K

Generally speaking, when a large home such as this one gets listed with a price tag under $300,000, it needs a good bit of work […]


Neighbors Want This Philly Bar Shut Down Now

Plenty of bars in Philadelphia have bouncers. But not very many have armed security guards wearing bulletproof vests. During the day.


Police: 2 Arrested After Hundreds of Teens Gather at Germantown Rec Center

A barbecue at an East Germantown recreation center became hectic on Sunday night when hundreds of teenagers gathered at the location. The event took place at the […]

teens punch disabled man

Juveniles Caught Punching Disabled Man on Camera Arrested

Police have arrested the juveniles who were seen punching a disabled man in a video that went viral on Facebook this week. Four of the youths […]


What $500K Will Buy You in Germantown

Germantown, as its friends and admirers know, is surprisingly diverse from a socioeconomic standpoint. Pockets of poverty and areas of affluence can be found cheek-by-jowl […]


Who’s Building Philly: Ken Weinstein

An idea that has been gaining steam of late among developers and planners is “social impact development.” This relatively recent concept marries the market to […]


Trinity Tuesday: A Paradox in Germantown for $196.5K

It’s no secret that a trinity house is a special commodity in Philadelphia. So, we’d be lying if we told you we didn’t geek out every […]