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EgoPo Classic Theater

the kimmel center, which received $10 million in SVOG funding from the federal government, the largest philadelphia SVOG payment
City Life

Here’s How Much Philly Arts Venues Received of $6.8 Billion in COVID-Relief Grants

For many months during COVID, it was tough to rely on the restaurant industry for income, as countless articles and TV news segments have documented. […]

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PREVIEW: At EgoPo Classic Theater, Two Worlds Meet in Desire Under the Elms

Even by EgoPo Classic Theater’s bold standards, what they’re about to do is out of the box. To begin a season devoted to “Theater of […]

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REVIEW: With Madaket Road, a Long, Intriguing Journey Comes to a Close

And so, the journey ends. In Lydie Breeze—a deeply ambitious trilogy of plays by the formidable John Guare, presented here at EgoPo with palpable love […]

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REVIEW: In John Guare’s Aipotu, Utopia Ain’t What it’s Cracked Up to Be

When we last saw army nurse Lydie Breeze — in Cold Harbor, the first play of John Guare’s trilogy that bears her name — she […]

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REVIEW: In EgoPo’s Lydie Breeze, the Ghost of Utopia

“I love Walt Whitman!,” exclaims Lydie, midway through John Guare’s hugely ambitious, sometimes thrilling, occasionally confounding Cold Harbor, the first of a trilogy of plays […]

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THEATER REVIEW: EgoPo’s Anna — Tolstoy in a Provocative Frame

Trees, lights, tents, rugs, screens—who could resist the gorgeous decorative excess of EgoPo’s Anna (scenery designed by the multi-talented Aaron Cromie)? Over the next two […]

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THEATER REVIEW: Magic by the Lake in EgoPo’s The Seagull

You can count on EgoPo artistic director Lane Savadove for interesting ideas, and there some knockouts in his provocative take on The Seagull.  The trouble […]

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5 Comedy Shows to See This Week

Chip Chantry @ Helium Comedy Club | Wednesday, January 4 Chip Chantry, who won the Philly’s Phunniest contest at Helium a few years ago and […]

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THEATER REVIEW: Too Many Cooks in EgoPo’s Delirium

To open their Russian Masters Festival season, EgoPo is mounting an adaption by Irish playwright Enda Walsh of Dostoyevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov.  Full disclosure: I […]

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THEATER REVIEW: Loveliness Gives Way to Terror in EgoPo’s Machinal

In the opening minutes of Machinal, the mesmerizing Mary Tuomanen leans forward to pick up a single lily that lies alone on the vast, empty […]

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Theater Review: At EgoPo, The Women Is Served Straight Up with a Twist

A suggestion for those planning to attend EgoPo’s provocative production of Clare Boothe Luce’s The Women: If you know the 1939 movie, leave your expectations […]