Congenital malformation of the feet. Effects of maternal drugs - thalidomide. Photo courtesy of

In Revision of History, Thalidomide Made its Way to US

The shrunken limbs of children in Europe caused by the 1960s cure-all thalidomide became somewhat iconic of the horror of birth defects, and for decades, […]

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If Fuller Prisons Don’t Reduce Crime, What Are Tough Drug Laws Really Targeting?

A couple of quotes for you to ponder: “If we had the same laws we had in 1979 on the books today, our prison population […]

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Alleged Silk Road Founder Ross Ulbricht Has a Master’s Degree from Penn State

If it hadn’t been for the two hits he allegedly ordered, Ross Ulbricht probably would have gone down a hero. A martyr to the cause […]

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The Tale of the Mayor and the Heroin Dealer

Some inflammatory testimony came out of an A.C. courtroom yesterday. “[Former Atlantic City prosecutor Ted] Housel believed Mayor Lorenzo Langford may have known about a […]

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WATCH: National Geographic’s Doc About Drugs in Philly

National Geographic: “In Kensington, north Philadelphia, heroin, crack cocaine and PCP are dealt from a hundred different corners. Abandoned homes and factories serve as crash […]

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Six Reasons Breaking Bad Is the Best TV Drama Ever

Now there is no doubt—Breaking Bad is the greatest drama series in the history of television. If the show’s finale is still collecting virtual dust […]

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WATCH: Philly Mag’s Nick Vadala Talks to Fox 29 About Weed

Resident marijuana expert Nick Vadala sat down with a Fox 29 crew last month to talk about the latest trend in pot-smoking: hash oil. Here’s […]

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PA Republicans Think Gun Owners Have More Rights than Cancer Sufferers

Last year during a visit to New England my wife slipped on ice and dislocated her shoulder, leaving her in excruciating pain. It wasn’t the […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Legalizing Marijuana

I would like to respond to yesterday’s post by fellow Philly Post-er Beth Capriotti wherein she rhetorically threw her hands up in the air in […]

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Sooo….Nickelodeon’s “GAK” Was Named After the Philly Slang Word for Heroin

Remember GAK? “GAK is great stuff!” “GAK is stretchy!” GAK is also smack! Marc Summers, the host of the Nickelodeon show that created GAK, Double Dare, […]

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Wilmington Teen Caught with 3,500 (!) Bags of Heroin

3,582 bags to be precise. That sounds like a lot, but as the above photo demonstrates, one could probably fit this into a backpack. Because […]

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Obama Administration Tries to Reduce Drug Sentencing

We’re completely sure that this news has no direct bearing on anybody who reads this site. Nonetheless, we’ll share this information anyway. The New York […]

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Don’t Do Heroin, Especially Not This Weekend in Camden

Star-Ledger: “Authorities believe a batch of heroin circulating here may contain life-threatening toxins, and three people were brought to Cooper Hospital Friday night for overdoses […]

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Pot Protest at Liberty Bell Could Last For Weeks, Assuming Protesters Don’t Wander Off in Search of Cheetos

The Daily Chronic reports: After six successful rallies, The Panic Hour and Philly NORML, joint organizers of the event, will return to Independence National Historic Park, […]

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Drexel’s New Medical Marijuana Study Is Not The Plot of a Stoner Movie

We’re a little bit late to this story, but honestly it reminded us so much of a 1990s stoner movie that we had to share […]