Here Are the Text Messages in the Main Line Prep School Drug Bust Case

"You have a thousand dollar bounty on your head, I will find you."

According to prosecutors in the big Main Line drug bust, part of the evidence they used to build the case against the 11 suspects were text messages sent between them. Below, some of those text messages as they appear in court documents released by the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office.

Those charged in the case include alleged masterminds Neil Scott and Timothy Brooks as well as accused “sub-dealers” Reid Cohen, Daniel Robert McGrath, Willow Lynn Orr, John Cole Rosemann, Domenic Vincent Curcio, Garrett M. Johnson and Christian Stockton Euler. Two unnamed juveniles have also been implicated.

Brooks to Scott: “My main line take over project is coming together fast. And I’m telling all my guys I never want there schools to be dry. Cause I always got pissed as shit when I couldn’t find bud. But now that will never happen for the rest of my life. Cause I got u.”
Scott to Brooks: “We will crush it. Once you go tax free it’s hard to go back.”

Brooks to Scott: “Every Nug on the mainline is about to come from you and me.”

Scott to sub-dealer: “If you find other people to buy ill hook you up with a front. Just gotta make the drive worth my while.”

Scott to sub-dealer: “You have a thousand dollar bounty on your head, I will find you. Piece of shit, heard you ripped off more people on your campus.”

Brooks to Scott: “Idk what you make a week but I want to make 2 if I do this. And there are still a lot of holes to fill cause I have to grow my business.”

Brooks to Scott: “When you were a senior at Haverford did u ever think that you could pull that”
Scott to Brooks: “Only dreamed of it. There is a much bigger market than just a lb at each of these schools. Stogs alone is a couple a week.” [Ed note: “Stogs” is Conestoga High School]

Brooks to Scott: “Just told my Radnor boy I’d throw him free bars when he pushs weight like the Lm and Harriton kidz 1 lb every week. So I think I have him some motivation to work hard. Haha.” [Ed note: “Lm” is Lower Merion. “Bars” is a street name for Xanax.]

Scott to Euler: “Just got back from Cali, got a bunch of greens. Know anybody around Philly who might be interests?”
Euler to Scott: “Good man. How much for a zip”
Scott to Euler: “Got some for 250, some for 275 and some for 3.”

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