Cops: Closed Kensington Street Has Become Drug Market

The area at G Street and Allegheny has been closed since a water main break last year.

A water main break last December at G and Allegheny is still causing problems for Kensington residents. NBC 10 interviewed local residents who said repairs on the street were never completed — turning G Street into a trash-strewn lot.

Philadelphia Police Captain Michael Cram told the station the section of G Street has become a thriving drug market — and police can’t get through because of the barriers. “It lends itself to letting the bad guys feel like they’re in power and the good people feel like they’re not,” Cram told NBC 10.

The Philadelphia Water Department blamed PGW for failing to conduct work in the area; PGW says they’re in the area for an unrelated project. The water department did say it would clean up the area.

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