Lawyers Defend Ex-Students Charged in ‘Main Line Takeover’ Drug Case

Are the two chief suspects in the 'Main Line takeover' drug case turning on each other? This really is a drama worthy of a rich prep school.

Lawyers for two students accused of being ringleaders in “Main Line takeover” drug bust have released statements to ABC News about their clients.

Prosecutors accuse Timothy Brooks, 18, and Neil Scott, 25 — both graduates of the Haverford School — of running an elaborate drug ring that sold marijuana and other drugs at high schools and colleges on the Main Line. The alleged preppie drug dealers are accused of having “sub-dealers” sell for them at the high schools.

Here’s the lawyer for Brooks, the one who allegedly texted “Every Nug on the mainline is about to come from you and me.”

Brooks’ lawyer Greg Pagano sent a statement to ABC News in which he said that his client is “remorseful” and did not possess any weapons.

“He suffered an injury as an athlete at his first year of college in the Fall of 2013 requiring him to come home for surgery and to recuperate,” Pagano said. “He became depressed and was not well physically or mentally. It was during this time period that he became acquainted with the wrong people.”

And for Scott, who is said to have texted “we will crush it“:

Scott’s lawyer Timothy Egan, however, said that it was Brooks who had his own suppliers in schools throughout the area and that Scott never dealt with any high school students directly.

“Mr. Scott had no direct relationships with any high school students or any high school drug dealers with regards to any substance — including marijuana,” Egan said. “The main contact he had with the high school was Mr. Brooks … and Mr. Brooks already had pre-exiting ties in at least a few of the high schools.”

Are the Main Line Take Over suspects turning on each other? This case could provide free entertainment for years.