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Here’s What Philly Cops Thought of the DNC Protests

We’ll do better this time. Promise.  City officials did everything but tattoo that message across their foreheads when the Democratic National Convention rolled into town […]

Democratic National Convention at Wells Fargo Center - end

Here Are Some Good Out-of-Town Reporter Tweets About Philly

I’ve had some fun this week writing about journalists complaining about being stuck in the car line, and other journalists getting mocked on Twitter by […]

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Hillary Clinton Just Gave the Biggest Speech of Her Life. And She Nailed It.

I’m going to say something radical: Hillary Clinton just delivered a powerful speech. As she broke one of America’s highest glass ceilings Thursday night, the energy […]

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Chelsea Clinton Humanizes Hillary at DNC

The role Chelsea Clinton needed to play on the last night of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia was decided — oddly enough — in Cleveland. When Ivanka Trump […]

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Tom Wolf Bored the Hell Out of People at the DNC

It can’t be easy to speak at a big political convention, right? I ask because Governor Tom Wolf was tasked with spending a couple of minutes behind the […]

Wayne Walker - mother of slain Philadelphia Police Officer Moses Walker Jr.
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Mother of Slain Philly Police Officer Gets Standing Ovation at DNC

The mother of slain Philadelphia police officer Moses Walker Jr., received a standing ovation before speaking at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday night. “For […]

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Why Did SEPTA Kick Protesters Off the Subway During the DNC?

A curious thing happened Tuesday afternoon. I was on my way to the Democratic National Convention at Wells Fargo Center, traveling southbound on the Broad Street Line, when […]

DNC - Enough is enough - Bernie Sanders shirt
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Sanders Supporters Plan “Citizens Arrest” of Clinton Tonight

Update, 11:30 p.m.: Hillary Clinton was not arrested while accepting the Democratic presidential nomination tonight in South Philadelphia. Protesters did hold a “public trial” of […]

2016 DNC Media services tent photo — several chairs are overturned

Out-of-Town Journalists Can’t Stop Complaining About Philly

Journalists are saying mean things about Philadelphia. Now a Philadelphia publication is writing about it. Stop the presses! To recap: On Monday, journalists apparently realized […]


Nutter Spoke at the DNC and Somehow Didn’t Perform “Rapper’s Delight”

Former Mayor Michael Nutter just addressed the crowd at the Democratic National Convention and, shockingly, managed not to break into “Rapper’s Delight” like he always […]

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12 Wonderfully Questionable Purchases That Prove You’re Really Into Electoral Politics

What a crazy couple of week it’s been, right? First it was the RNC in Cleveland, and now there’s the DNC here in Philly. Such […]

Front page of MANUTTER.com

Michael Nutter’s New Website URL Is Manutter.com

Man utter. That’s how I first read the URL of Michael Nutter’s new website, manutter.com, which launched today in advance of his speech at the Democratic […]

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DNC Celeb Scene: Fergie at the Creative Coalition Gala

Eight-time Grammy winner Fergie headlined The Creative Coalition’s Benefit Gala during 2016 Democratic National Convention last night at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia. The Concert kicked […]

Nida Allam - press conference - 2016 DNC
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Bernie Delegate Upset Over Use of Her Image in Hillary Tweet

Emotions ran high Tuesday night when Democrats nominated Hillary Clinton for president. Clinton supporters were overjoyed at the historic nomination of the first woman at […]

Security fence outside the Wells Fargo Center with protesters
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Feds: Knives Found on DNC Protester

The first batch of protesters arrested for trying to defeat the eight-foot-high security fence down at the DNC did so by going over it. The […]