Michael Nutter’s New Website URL Is Manutter.com

The website also touts the former Philadelphia mayor’s skill at doing “Rapper’s Delight.” Hmm … is he running for office?

Front page of MANUTTER.com

The front page of Michael Nutter’s new website, manutter.com

Man utter.

That’s how I first read the URL of Michael Nutter’s new website, manutter.com, which launched today in advance of his speech at the Democratic National Convention.

The site touts his accomplishments, his major issues and, amazingly, his ability to do “Rapper’s Delight”:

“Michael Nutter is also a frequent and enthusiastic performer of The Sugar Hill Gang’s 1980 classic, Rapper’s Delight.”

The website was done by The Tactile Group, which put out a release about it today. “A significant element of Tactile’s company mission is community engagement,” Tactile President/CEO Marc Coleman said in a release, “and we could not be happier about working with Mayor Nutter to help expand his voice in American politics and public policy, while also advancing the discourse about the future of diverse communities and cities, across America and around the world.”

Whenever a politician not currently in office rolls out a website, reporters can only think one thing: Are they running for something? But there aren’t any obvious choices for Nutter, unless he wants to be a Congressman for two months.

Nutter could be angling for a cabinet position in Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s administration. Nutter backed her over President Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election. Maybe Clinton will do her longtime supporter a solid and make him Secretary of Housing and Urban Development or whatever.

Or maybe Nutter just wants all the delegates to know who he is, that he can do “Rapper’s Delight,” and that he “maintains active involvement in political campaigns, the corporate community, and academic institutions across the country.” Another possibility is that he just found the “Manutter” URL too great to leave unused.

Michael Nutter’s middle name — the “a” in Manutter — is Anthony.

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