Sanders Supporters Plan “Citizens Arrest” of Clinton Tonight

Some Bernie Sanders supporters are wearing “‘Enough is enough’ — Bernie Sanders” shirts tonight. Others appear more serious.

DNC - Enough is enough - Bernie Sanders shirt

A Bernie Sanders supporter wears a shirt that says “Enough is Enough” before the final night of the DNC | Photo: Dan McQuade

Update, 11:30 p.m.: Hillary Clinton was not arrested while accepting the Democratic presidential nomination tonight in South Philadelphia. Protesters did hold a “public trial” of her outside the convention grounds.

Earlier: A group called the DNC Action Committee says it is planning a “citizens arrest” of Hillary Clinton tonight during the speech where she will accept the nomination for president.

The DNC Action Committee released its statement a few hours ago. Meanwhile, Sanders supporters are filing into the Wells Fargo Center tonight with highlighter-yellow t-shirts saying “‘Enough is enough’—Bernie Sanders” and a dove holding an olive branch.

While this seems like it could be a statement of peace with Hillary, The Hill says no: Sarah Ferris talked to some supporters who said there will be a demonstration of some sort during Clinton’s speech. “It’s very disorganized,” Sanders backer Guy Anthony told her. (She also contends the “Enough is Enough” shirts are neon green.)

The planned “citizens arrest” of Hillary Clinton says it will take her into custody for “being an accessory to the mass election fraud that took place during the 2016 Democratic presidential primary, and collusion with Democratic party officials who sought to undermine Bernie Sanders’ campaign.” All week, some Sanders supporters have been wearing apparel with #DNCleaks on it — referencing the leaked emails that have angered Sanders supporters for what they say is collusion between Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

“To these ends, we will march into the gates of the Wells Fargo center during her speech,” the DNC Action Committee release reads. “Our intent is to non-violently present Hillary Rodham Clinton with a Citizens Arrest. We request that the Philadelphia Police Department, Homeland Security, and all present law enforcement agencies assist us in our Citizens Arrest. Should they choose to prevent us from carrying out the arrest, we are prepared to risk arrest ourselves.”

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