Nutter Spoke at the DNC and Somehow Didn’t Perform “Rapper’s Delight”

Hillary Clinton gets stuff done, he told the crowd.

Photo | Jeff Fusco

Photo | Jeff Fusco

Former Mayor Michael Nutter just addressed the crowd at the Democratic National Convention and, shockingly, managed not to break into “Rapper’s Delight” like he always does in public appearances.

“Philadelphia has always been a friendly place for Democrats,” Nutter said. “And I have to say that this week there’s a little extra brotherly love and sisterly affection in the air.”

Nutter was a prominent supporter of Hillary Clinton throughout the Democratic primary in 2008. He said Clinton has been a friend to Philadelphia and a relentless public servant.

“I’ve known her as a change-maker for our citizens,” Nutter said, “and I’ve known her as a leader whose career has been defined by a simple creed: G.S.D. Get stuff done.”

Photo by Jared Brey

Nutter, who left office in January, was also careful to point out that his administration had made sure the DNC would be in Philly. On Thursday, Nutter launched a new website,, which brags that he is a “frequent and enthusiastic performer of The Sugar Hill Gang’s 1980 classic, ‘Rapper’s Delight.'”

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