Here Are Some Good Out-of-Town Reporter Tweets About Philly

Not everyone in town whined about the city this week. Here are some good takes from out-of-town journalists (and others).

Democratic National Convention at Wells Fargo Center - end

The scene at the DNC about an hour after Hillary Clinton’s speech ended | Photo: Dan McQuade

I’ve had some fun this week writing about journalists complaining about being stuck in the car line, and other journalists getting mocked on Twitter by angry Philadelphians. But not every out-of-town reporter had angry things to say about Philadelphia.

Take Gawker editor Alex Pareene. In a piece that’s mainly complaining about covering the convention in Philadelphia, he comes off as funny instead of whiny.

“I generally like — or at least do not actively dislike — both liberal politics and the city of Philadelphia, and yet, this week, I hate both of those things,” he wrote. He wants to cut conventions to two days, and hold them when it’s not so freaking hot out. Conventions “should be held in cities with places to eat a decent inexpensive lunch near the arena that isn’t a fucking Aramark vendor in a tent selling $4.50 bottles of water when it’s 104 fucking degrees out,” he writes. See, now there’s a way to comment on the location of the arena without calling it the “Worst. Convention. Ever.”

Pareene wasn’t the only one with nice (or funny) things to say about the city. I found a bunch of tweets about the city that were funny, or thoughtful, or just said nice things. enjoy!

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