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Womp Womp: Nobody’s Cheering for Philly at the DNC

One of my favorite things about big crowds is that you can sometimes make them scream and wave their arms around just by saying the […]


Police: Actually, No One Has Been Arrested at the DNC Yet

Some media outlets have reported that protesters were arrested outside the National Democratic Convention in Philadelphia tonight. But according to the Philadelphia Police Department, no activists have been […]

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Flash Flood Warning Issued for Philadelphia Area as DNC Begins

The National Weather service has issued a flash flood warning for the Philadelphia area as of 7:17 p.m., as thousands have descended upon the city for the first […]

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Bernie Sanders Faces Backlash After Urging Delegates to Support Clinton

Sen. Bernie Sanders spoke to his delegates in Philadelphia Monday  — and all did not go as planned. The speech started off well, with cheering and […]

Expect crowded conditions on the Broad Street Line around this time every day during the convention. | Photo: Ben Schumin
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SEPTA: Expect Crowds on the Broad Street Line All Week

SEPTA is also part of the city’s mobilization effort to get the delegates and hangers-on for the 2016 Democratic National Convention where they’re going. The […]

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WATCH: City Removes Mississippi Flags From Broad Street

So far, so good. That was the message Police Commissioner Richard Ross delivered late Monday afternoon, as protesters marched through the city amid record heat […]

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Dept. of Minor Miracles: Nobody Is Parked on the Broad Street Median Today

This morning, South Philly residents awoke to see something most of them had never seen in their lifetimes: South Broad Street completely free of parked cars in […]

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LGBTQ&A: Sharron Cooks

Sharron Cooks is a trans woman activist of color and the founder and CEO of Making Our Lives Easier LLC. We chatted with her about […]


A Gallery of 47 Bernie Sanders Supporters’ T-Shirts

Like they did yesterday, Bernie Sanders supporters gathered to march down Broad Street to the Democratic National Convention. The crowd — which also blended with […]

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DNC CELEBS: Elizabeth Warren Wears Sweater to Pat’s; Rendell Opts for Dalessandro’s

People who think that all Democrats are crazy were just handed another piece of evidence thanks to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who is scheduled to speak […]

Vermin Supreme gives his stump speech at a Bernie Sanders protest

WATCH: Vermin Supreme Is in Philly for the DNC

Vermin Supreme is performance artist and perennial candidate for president, showing up every four years to mock the U.S. political system. But he also took […]

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WATCH: Giant Inflatable Joints Marched Around City Hall

As part of a massive pro-marijuana legalization protest on the first day of the Democratic National Convention, protesters today marched two giant inflatable joints around […]


#DNCDeals: Uncluttered

The #DNCDeals hashtag was a great idea by Philadelphia’s DNC hosting committee. Unfortunately, the hashtag is getting used by more than just local businesses looking […]

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The Ultimate LGBTQ DNC Guide

MONDAY EVENTS National Legal Panel 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. National Museum of American Jewish History (Dell Theater) 101 South Independence Mall East (5th and […]

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See John Street Tell a Possibly NSFW Story at an Open Mic

Martha Graham Cracker at DNC @ Top of the Tower On Tuesday, Equality PA is hosting Equality in the Sky, a Get Out the Vote […]