WATCH: Vermin Supreme Is in Philly for the DNC

The perennial candidate/satirist — who has promised everyone a free pony if he's elected president — shares his platform.

Vermin Supreme is performance artist and perennial candidate for president, showing up every four years to mock the U.S. political system.

But he also took fourth place in the New Hampshire Democratic primary, with more votes than former Virginia governor Jim Gilmore got in the Republican primary.

That was perhaps in part due to his plan to give everyone a free pony if he’s elected president. Or perhaps it’s the boot he wears on his head. Or maybe people were just fed up with the system. Either way, he did get 256 votes in New Hampshire.

We spotted Supreme outside City Hall today, and he said he was in town because he was hoping the Democrats would ignore the delegate counts and nominate him for president. We asked him to give us his stump speech. He obliged.