DNC CELEBS: Elizabeth Warren Wears Sweater to Pat’s; Rendell Opts for Dalessandro’s

And the disgraced Debbie Wasserman Schultz reportedly visits an Italian chain. Booooo!

via Twitter

via Twitter

People who think that all Democrats are crazy were just handed another piece of evidence thanks to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who is scheduled to speak on Monday night for the opening of the Democratic National Convention. In the midst of the most sweltering heat wave that Philadelphia has seen in a long, long time, the Massachusetts legislator opted for a sweater as she chowed down at Pat’s Steaks.

Pat’s owner, Frank Olivieri Jr., tells us that Warren is the only person-of-note to have shown up at his restaurant thus far. “But it’s still early,” says Oliveri, who just returned from 17 days in Italy. “I’m being hit left and right with messages and requests, and I put the word on the street that only winning presidential candidates come to my shop. Winners don’t go across the street. Only Republicans.”

By across the street, Oliveri is, of course, referring to archenemy Geno’s.

“It’s a crazy time,” says owner Geno Vento. “You never know who is coming.”

So far, Geno’s has seen the likes of Jake Tapper from CNN, Roy Wood Jr. from the Daily Show, and Tony Dandrades from Univision. It was a decade ago that Vento’s dad infamously adopted an English-only ordering policy, so we were amused to see Dandrades’ tweet en Español:

A rep for Geno’s says that Carson Daly will be stopping by on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, in case you missed it, CBS Sunday Morning did a couple of segments about Philly, including one on (yawn) Mural Arts and another where Ed Rendell gave them a tour of the city. For the obligatory televised cheesesteak meal, Rendell chose Dalessandro’s.

Disgraced People Need to Eat, Too

Sunday was probably the worst day of Debbie Wasserman Schultz‘s life, and that was before she was booed while trying to give a speech in Philly. But according to Politico, she still managed to make it to Prime Rib for a party, and she was also sighted at … Maggiano’s?!?!?!? If she wasn’t already the most hated visiting Democrat, she surely is now.

WTF Is Michael Rapaport Doing Here?

Photo by Maria McGeary

Photo by Maria McGeary

One of the more bizarre things you’re likely to encounter in Philly this week is the Snapple truck that’s parked outside 1735 Market Street. Actor Michael Rapaport — he’s been in a ton of movies and TV shows, but we’re having a hard time figuring out which he is best known for — is there blindfolding people and letting them taste two new limited-edition Snapple flavors, which are, of course, Red Fruit Tea and Blue Fruit Tea. He says he’ll be there all week.

And Briefly Noted …

Stephen Starr meathouse Barclay Prime played host to Paul Simon on Sunday, while Talula’s saw some Saturday Night Live talent as well as Trevor Noah of Daily Show fame. And we’re guessing there were a lot of fast pulses at 12th Street Gym in the Gayborhood when out-and-proud CNN star Anderson Cooper came by for a workout. Oh, George Stephanopoulos went there, too.