Debbie Wasserman Schultz Was Booed in Philly This Morning

The crowd was ruthless to the controversial, soon-to-be-ex DNC chairwoman, even as she brought up yesterday's tragic shooting in Florida.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz was booed in Philadelphia this morning while addressing a delegation breakfast, just a day after she announced she would step down as chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee.

Several audience members held up pieces of paper containing a single word: EMAILS. A chorus of boos echoed in the room before Wasserman Schultz even began speaking.

The uproar follows a WikiLeaks email dump that revealed the chairwoman’s blatant favoritism toward presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during the primary season.

“Let’s have everybody’s attention,” an event organizer said at the Florida delegation breakfast. “Let me introduce to everybody somebody who has been an unbelievable leader to our party – somebody who has been a great friend of mine.”

A few people cheered as Wasserman Schultz took center stage, but the support was quickly drowned by boos and shouts of “Shame!”

“If I could ask everybody to settle down,” Wasserman Shultz asked several times. “All right everybody now, settle down. It is so wonderful to be here with my home state. Everybody settle down please.”

A second event organizer repeatedly banged a wooden mallet and asked the crowd to “please be quiet so Debbie can speak.”

Crowd members prove to be ruthless in their booing even as Wasserman asked the audience to join her in acknowledging a tragic shooting in Fort Myers, Florida yesterday, in which two people were killed.

Wasserman Schultz has long been a subject of controversy regarding her contentious relationship with Vermont senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Whether she would resign had been up in the air for months, but the email leaks are now the subject of some divide among Democrats – particularly those who support Sanders.

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